Inclusive workplace social events

Creating a schedule for inclusive workplace social events post pandemic

The introduction of remote working during the pandemic quickly became the norm for many organisations, and in most cases positively impacted employees with increased productivity and flexibility in when and where they could work.  However, according to a recent Microsoft study, which explored work after lockdown, Gen-Zs have reported finding it difficult to be excited about their work, and disconnected from colleagues, imposed through social isolation. This outcome has ultimately hindered staff morale and negatively influenced them to consider quitting their jobs.

This phenomenon can be attributed to “Job boredom,” a newly found term that is defined as a lack of motivation that negatively impacts concentration levels and causes employees to display little interest in their work activities.

These latest pandemic-driven trends have motivated employers to introduce workplace programmes that foster diversity and inclusion through social and fun events. Diversity activities are essential for many reasons, including boosting employee morale, creating positive working relationships, and encouraging creativity and motivation among teams.  Just watch the latest Top Gun movie to see how a team can be brought together through a fun activity (playing offensive/defensive football).

Here are a few inclusive work-related social events to help keep employee engagement high and drive performance – and don’t forget to remind staff through the planning that workplace rules continue to apply, even when they’re having fun! Its is also important to consider the teams differences to ensure what is proposed doesn’t exclude an individual or group (boozy drinks party after work, or Christmas meal at a restaurant that doesn’t serve halal or vegetarian food for example)



One of the most fun and loved events to bring us all together is fighting it out for the sports trophy! Sports activities within the corporate world have gained hugely in popularity in recent years and are proven to be effective to bolster team building and bonding.

Organising an office sports day may improve staff’s mood and improve physical fitness, leading to increased productivity in the workplace. This event can be rolled out a couple of times a year to keep spirits running high.

Studies have revealed that any kind of sport or recreational activities can increase a company’s business on a large scale.



Workplace traditions are a great way to build culture and add some energy and life into the workplace on a consistent basis. They’re a great way to prioritise the start of a week, or celebrate your team’s top success at the end of a busy week.

Has your company landed a new client? Has your team reached their monthly goals? Do you have some great news or an employees’ birthday to celebrate? Establish an informal tradition to keep the fire burning in the office.

Fun and creative traditions provide a way to build excitement and anticipation among employees and help reduce exhaustion or burn out. This can be anything ranging from going out to a restaurant, cutting a cake, hosting a charity event or doing something more unique to your organisation.

These simple introductions will form a way to keep your team talking and may help boost the company’s revenue through increased productivity.



An annual event that the majority of employees look forward to celebrating with enthusiasm and joy.

Most companies host a Christmas party, however, organising a unique and different Christmas get-together will help the company stand out from the rest, while helping to strengthen inclusion.

The end of the year often brings with it employees running low on energy and drive, so the Christmas party provides the perfect opportunity for employees to blow off some steam and encourage them to welcome the new year with a positive outlook.

Events like these motivate the team to come together and celebrate being part of one group for the last time in the year.



Corporate Social Activities, or CSR, helps employees play an active role in a company through motivation and maintaining their overall wellbeing.

Engaging in CSR activities on a fixed term has been shown to boost morale and productivity among employees. This has also resulted in encouraging the workforce to have a better and closer relationship with colleagues.

These projects are usually conducted in a safe and secure environment, outside of the office, which helps employees relax and connect with each other on a more personal level.

Corporate social events and team-building exercises are essential for the smooth functioning of an organisation. These initiatives will mobilise the workforce by helping them lead an entertaining and refreshing career in their workplace.


For additional support and information on how to create a schedule for inclusive workplace social events, seek an independent HR advisor for guidance.