Unlocking the Spectrum: A Comprehensive Guide to Insights Discovery for Business Owners

Have you ever wondered what makes your team members tick? How their unique perspectives and energies contribute to the vibrant tapestry of your workplace?

As a business owner, you will understand the critical importance of effective communication, harmonious relationships, and personal growth for the success of your ventures.

I have recently become an accredited trainer for Insights Discovery (link to Insights page), a powerful personality profiling system designed to illuminate the intricacies of human behaviour within the workplace.

Insights is rooted in the pioneering work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and categorises individuals into four distinct colour energies: Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow, and Fiery Red, providing invaluable insights into the dynamics of your team.

In this blog, I’ll explore the key facets of Insights Discovery, from Awareness to Zhoosh, and how its application can positively transform your company culture, communication strategies, and overall business success.

A – Awareness: Refers to understanding and recognising your natural predisposition or orientation towards life, work, and relationships.

B – Blue Energy (Cool Blue): Represents individuals who are analytical, detail-oriented, and value precision and accuracy.

C – Culture and Climate: The four colour energies (Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow, Fiery Red) are used to understand personality types to identify the company culture and climate.

D – Dialling up or Down: Actively using one colour energy more or less than another, and often one that isn’t your preferred energy depending on the situation.

E – Extroversion: Those with extroversion tend to speak to think.

F – Feeling, focus and flow: Feeling is using a subjective judgement and are often more people focused. Flow and focus is understanding what colour gets used when and how they work together.

G – Green Energy (Earth Green): Informal term for Earth Green energy, indicating a focus on collaboration, relationships, and harmony.

H – Honesty: being true to yourself and using the full spectrum of your colour energies

I – Introversion and intuition: Those with introversion tend to think to speak. Intuition represents people who are able to see patterns and make connections which may help us see things differently.

J – Jung, Carl: The Swiss psychologist whose theories on personality types and preferences influenced the development of Insights Discovery.

K – Knowledge: Refers to the self-awareness and understanding gained through the Insights Discovery process.

L – Leading: Reflects the use of Insights Discovery to guide the teams’ personal and professional growth to the benefit of the team.

M – Motivation: Highlights the importance of understanding what motivates individuals based on their personality preferences.

N – Nature: Describes an individual’s default or instinctive way of behaving, as identified by their dominant colour energy.

O – Open minded: Having a objective approach to Insights Discovery and approaching situations with a focus on gathering and analysing information to help communication.

P – Perception: This is a fundamental concept of Insights Discovery.  Our perceptions influence how we make sense of the world and affects every aspect of our lives.

Q – Questioning: Insights Discovery can contribute to the development of emotional intelligence by fostering an questioning approach to one’s own and others’ emotions.

R – Red Energy (Fiery Red): Informal term for Fiery Red energy, indicating a focus on assertiveness, action, and results.

S – Sensation: Represents people who see tangible details and experience things in the here and now.

T – Thinking: Using the logical process to develop thoughts and use objective facts and be more task focused

U – Useful: The key useful outcome of using Insights Discovery is a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

V – Values: Insights Discovery explores the values and preferences that shape an individual’s behaviour and communication style.

W – Wheel: Understanding the wheel positions in the workplace enhances communication and relationships among team members.

X – X-Factor: The unique combination of an individual’s colour energies that makes up their personality.

Y – Yellow Energy (Sunshine Yellow): Informal term for Sunshine Yellow energy, indicating a focus on enthusiasm, collaboration, and creativity.

Z -Zhoosh: Insights Discovery helps individuals understand their comfort zones and encourages them to Zhoosh outside these for personal and professional growth

If you have any questions or would like further guidance on implementing Insights Discovery in your workplace, feel free to reach out. Here’s to a future of enhanced self-awareness, improved communication, and flourishing relationships within your small business!

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