HR Audit and Compliance

We are able to provide a complete and comprehensive review and audit of your HR practice and employment documentation to ensure compliance and identify any potential current (or future) liability or risks. Ensuring legal compliance and a consistent approach across the business will support increased employee engagement and retention.

We will undertake the following, to name just the initial urgent matters, as others arise we will flag that up to you too:

Policy Review – Make sure what you currently have is up to date and write and implement any extra you need, making sure you and your managers know how to use them. Otherwise there is no point having them.

Contract Review – ‘Contracts? What contracts?’

Don’t worry we hear that all the time.  Where you have them we review them and make suggested improvements. Where you don’t, you soon will have.
Employee Handbook – Your staff benefit from being able to find all the information they need in one place, it helps engage them from the get go and demonstrates how serous you are about the processes and your people.
Recruitment Practices and Paperwork
Induction/Job descriptions and development