Well done we made it to the end of December! Congratulations are due to all…

IT’S THE end of another year. And what a year. A year that has brought new friends, lost old ones and reminded me the value of the good ones who stuck around, who were there for me. It’s also brought to the fore the importance of kindness, of helping and of humour. I’m not here to talk about achievements – just getting to the end of this year is acheivement enough. Instead I want to reflect and review.

It’s been tough right? If one more person tells me we are are all in the same storm, just different boats I can not promise that physical violence might not be my immediate reaction. Yes I know that’s true but its so trite. We have all had very different experiences of this year – personally and work wise.

I have spent this year up to my eye balls in work. I have been laying people off, then furloughing, unfurloughing, flexi furloughing (who had ever heard of this before!), making redundancies, closing businesses and in rare cases recruiting. If I have to take another temperature and undertake a COVID 19 return to work risk assessment I may cry! I have guided and advised and wept and smiled and hysterically laughed with my clients. I have also done the same for clients of friends, of clients of their friends and of clients of my super accountant @MartinBown, @SaraWhitton and @mymanagementaccountants  because that was the right thing to do as we were all struggling to understand Rishi’s next idea, to interpret his next lifeline and implement it.

Have I any regrets? Yes – in this madness I lost people, loved ones to COVID, and friends that fell by the wayside. I also lost my spark for a while in those moments between ‘we are all gonna die’ and ‘it’ll be reet – let’s just get the vaccine’.

So here’s to 2021 – I’m under no illusions it’ll be any easier than 2020 but I am ready for it, unlike last year that knocked us all off our feet.

Here’s to seeing people I haven’t seen in too long, to clients old and new not just coming out the other side of this but actually coming out of it on the up.

And mostly here’s to those of you who stuck with us, with TrueHR and TrueHR IOM. Thank you. May your 2021 be more positive – Happy New Year/ Blein Vie Noa