Relevance and Resilience


Just over a year ago I set myself the social media task of posting something on a daily basis for @TrueHR; something interesting, inspirational or informative, and I pretty much nailed it. I took great delight on a weekend searching for things and planning them in Hootsuite to drop at times and relevant moments. My colleagues had access and would post random stuff too. Then this pandemic dropped. My mojo took a massive hit and like a lot of us I retreated from all things social/news/media to ‘protect’ myself. Work has carried on a plenty for us @TrueHR. Our initial fears were overtaken by huge workloads of payoffs, and furloughing initially and now restructuring and change management (and some furloughing still thrown in!) so I had no time to do my social media task anyway.

Now there appears to be some light at the end of this covid19 tunnel (unless this 2nd wave hits) I’ve started to post again. Not my usual stuff, rather inspiring scenery from my walks. You know know what? I have had more hits from these posts than the ones I diligently did before! They are framed with references to #resilience and #mindfulness and taking a break, which has clearly struck a chord.

Having co written and delivered #resiliencecourses for many years now I guess in this moment of madness I am finally trying to practice what I preach. To #liveinthemoment, to #taketimeout, and to not just recite the serenity prayer, but action it by changing what I can and accepting what I can’t. And I am sharing that with others in my tweets and people now ‘get it’. They understand why #resilience is so important to get you through when times are hard – and it doesn’t get much harder than a world wide pandemic!!

Moral of this ramble – to be more relevant, less hung up on reposting, and more ‘real’ in my/our social media posts, whilst also not berating myself if I dont post everyday.

So come say ‘hi’ and ask me about it and let’s see what we can do together in work or personally to improve your #resilience.