What do the northern lights and HR have in common?

I have always wanted to witness the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights, also known as the aurora borealis. I even took my whole family with me to chase them to Iceland to no avail. Catching a glimpse of this natural wonder is like finding a unicorn and more so in the UK so imagine […]

Unlocking the Spectrum: A Comprehensive Guide to Insights Discovery for Business Owners

Have you ever wondered what makes your team members tick? How their unique perspectives and energies contribute to the vibrant tapestry of your workplace? As a business owner, you will understand the critical importance of effective communication, harmonious relationships, and personal growth for the success of your ventures. I have recently become an accredited trainer […]

Christmas Parties – will it be an HR nightmare? How to avoid the headache.


Christmas Parties – will it be an HR nightmare? Need some help on how to avoid the headache? Here’s how… Christmas is just around the corner, and the work Christmas parties are already knocking on our door. For the HR professional sadly it often spells a period of extra investigations and disciplinaries in the fall […]

Should businesses beware of TikTok data privacy concerns in the workplace?


Should businesses beware of TikTok data privacy concerns in the workplace?  Maintaining a safe and secure workplace environment is crucial for legal reasons as well as HR reasons when running a business. Over the last few months, we’ve seen increasing warnings over data security surrounding apps, none more so than the fears over TikTok’s data harvesting. […]

Is “silent resignation” the latest workplace trend?

silent resignation

Silent resignation is the latest trend in the workplace, as staff aim to restore the balance. The term silent resignation doesn’t actually involve resigning or quitting a job, but rather that staff are doing less work, setting boundaries at work and only committing to doing what they’re paid for, especially outside of normal working hours. […]

Inclusive workplace social events

inclusive workplace events

Creating a schedule for inclusive workplace social events post pandemic The introduction of remote working during the pandemic quickly became the norm for many organisations, and in most cases positively impacted employees with increased productivity and flexibility in when and where they could work.  However, according to a recent Microsoft study, which explored work after lockdown, […]