Why is it good to know what drives you to work? The advantages of psychometric testing


I asked Olivia to do some research for as part of her work experience with TrueHR Ltd. She is a 6th form student doing Psychology, Sports and Biology and she wondered how it might fit into the world of work. Here is her excellent piece – 

I am 17 years old and have a week’s work placement with Cat doing HR. Cat gave me the task of creating a blog on psychometric testing as part of my work experience, to give me an insight into Strengthscope and also why I think it is important.

In my research I have found out that psychometric testing is a method used to measure an individual’s mental capability and behavioural style to create a profile of your personality. One example of psychometric testing is Strengthscope by the Strengths Partnership and I believe Strengthscope is a great tool not only for HR, but also for the individual completing the psychometric test.

The Strengthscope website itself states it “Captures what’s unique about people and discovers how they can bring the best of themselves to work every day” and I think this is a key aspect into the benefits of using Strengthscope. Strengthscope conducts a personality profile and gives an individual 7 strengths on a strengths profile, (each rated on a scale of 1-10 to the extent to which the aspects of work energise you as an individual) alongside the other aspects of their personality. The strengths profile is split into the 4 categories: emotional, relational, thinking and execution (see picture example above). I think this is useful so people are aware and can conclude if they have a most dominant group or a variation between the four because this enables people to realise when they can be performing at their best.

I think Strengthscope is an extremely useful tool for an HR person because it provides objective data so their decision then becomes based off facts, allowing them to critically analyse the results of an individual’s profile, and see if they will be suitable for the selected job or not. This then benefits the company because they will only have the correct people for the chosen job which I believe is important because it means the company will get their best results and therefore develop into a better business.

I completed the Strengthscope test myself and having seen the results I believe it is something important that everybody should complete. Why? I think it’s critical to know your underlying strengths to enhance your work, after all the only person you’re going to be with and can rely on your whole life is yourself. By completing this test it is clear to see which areas really drive you forward into completing work and I think this can give me an insight into which jobs will suit how I best work. Not only do the results highlight your strengths which is a positive to focus on, the weaknesses can also be clear to see and Strengthscope have developed training programmes in order to improve performance, motivation and confidence. I think this is great because it doesn’t focus on your weaknesses which could be demotivating to many people, but it is still visible and can be improved by individuals.

So, not only do I think that using Strengthscope is a useful piece of equipment for someone in HR but also I think it can greatly benefit the individuals who complete the test in order to help develop their profiles and utilise their strengths within their work to engage them and therefore perform at their best.

Thank you Olivia! So if you have an interest in exploring these profiles for recruitment, development, succession, team dynamic development or even just for yourself get in touch info@ or contact us by clicking here