How to prevent high staff turnover in the workplace

staff turnover

How can I prevent high staff turnover? When the job market is so competitive high staff turnover can be a major challenge for any business, causing loss of productivity, increased recruitment and training costs, and damage to the company’s reputation. In order to prevent high staff turnover in the workplace, it is important for business […]

Attracting older workers back into the workforce: the new economy booster

unretirement picture

Attracting older workers back into the workforce: the new economy booster Reports have come out that the government is currently considering plans to encourage retired older workers back into jobs, offering a ‘midlife MoT’ to assess and entice retired people over 50 back into the workforce. This is in response to the labour shortage found […]

Tips for businesses on recruitment: attracting and retaining staff

recruitment tips

Tips and information for HR teams and leaders on how to attract and retain team members. The recruitment environment post pandemic is more complex for businesses to hire quality talent for their organisations. Companies must stand out from the rest as job seekers have more options in their search with there currently being more roles […]

Minimising unconscious bias during the recruitment process

unconcious bias

All businesses want to hire the best available talent in the marketplace, but unconscious biases can get in the way of this.  It is important for businesses to remove bias from their recruitment process to ensure the best individual gets the role. We all have our own unconscious biases, it happens to every individual, but […]

Unconscious bias in recruitment and hiring

unconcious bias in recruitment

Unconscious bias is a widespread issue in recruitment that needs addressing and is a lot more common than you think. People within your organisation may have been using it without realising when recruiting and it could be hindering you from finding the best talent. What is unconscious bias? An unconscious bias, also known as an […]

Virtual onboarding: a guide on how to welcome new team members remotely

onboarding new hires

Onboarding new hires in a global pandemic brings unique challenges. Roles are virtually based, or working under the new hybrid style, often having no physical office to welcome and connect new employees, so how should the onboarding process adjust to match the circumstances? We look at how HR departments and businesses leaders can successfully onboard […]