Expert advice on how to improve workforce happiness in your organisation

Workforce happiness may be a term you are hearing more often nowadays. Since the pandemic, there appears to be more of a focus on workplace wellbeing and employee happiness. Happy employees generally will be more productive, generate more success for themselves and your business and have the right attitude towards their work. According to YouGov, […]

Beating the January blues

Help your employees beat the January blues Christmas is around the corner, 2022 is on the horizon and covid is putting doubt on what the new year may bring. So, it would come as no surprise to see employees return to work after the new year a little flat in terms of motivation as they […]

6 top tips for dealing with SAD in the workplace

seasonal affective disorder

As the mornings get darker and the nights close in, it’s understandable that some people start to feel a bit low and isolated. Dark mornings, evenings and the colder weather during the winter months can be gloomy for most people, for some, however, it can be a bit more serious and can significantly impact their […]